Team Building Committee For The Ltc Staff To Help Build

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Team Building committee for the LTC staff to help build professional and personal relationships between management. When staff works together as a team, it removes high stress levels and the feeling of being overwhelmed from due to excess responsibilities that the nurses have regarding patient care. Excellent team work can be the difference between life or death of a patient. Comprising a teambuilding committee to meet with staff and perform exercises that will help each staff member become more comfortable with their co-workers and learn things about them that they may have in common. It cuts down on division and promotes a team work atmosphere. The downside to these exercises is that some people are more cynical and form a…show more content…
There is the possibility that these nurses may stay with the organizations longer than nurses groomed in the country. Evaluation A new solution to compromised care of patients due to understaffed nurses is having medical robot assistance. If robotic device can be used in surgeries to improve the outcome of surgeries in Guy 's and John Radcliffe in Oxford England (British Journal of Healthcare Computing, 2017, p. xx). This same type of robotic devices can be used for assistance in resuscitation and wound care in LTC facilities. This is a stepping stone to what is the come with using robots. Full size robots will be created to assist in other forms of patient care such as, feedings, medication dispersing, chair and bed adjustments, obtaining food and drinks for patients. Facilities will ultimately use robots for assistance with monitoring patients on life support, resuscitation, rehabilitation, medication suspension, adjusting beds for the patients. Advanced programming will allow them to be able to retract blood from the patient for testing. Robots will perform more efficient blood draws than humans and it may be less traumatic for the patient. The negative impact on utilizing humanistic robots to assist with the healthcare of patients is the risk of malfunction. For example, if the robot malfunctions in the middle of chest compressions on a patient, that could mean death for the

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