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Case Problem – The Philanthropic Team Builder March 29, 2015 Word Count: 502 words Question 1: What type of team building best describes these volunteering activities? The type of team building that best describes the volunteering activities at Molson Coors is the team building aimed at improving relations among team members and task oriented team building. Exactly! Improving relations team building is used to help team members get to know each other better, build trust in each other and develop ways to deal with conflict if it arises. The merger between Molson and Coors brought a lot of experienced executives together to work towards a common goal. However, they did not know each other very well, if at all. That’s why the…show more content…
The corporate social responsibility element of volunteering also contributes tremendously to teambuilding by assigning teams to accomplish tasks which cannot be completed by individuals alone but rather accomplished by working and relying on fellow team members. Also, team members feel proud that they are helping out in the community while at the same time getting to know each other outside of the workplace. All correct! Employees like to work for companies that do good things, don’t they? And, since this activity is productive, employees are less likely to view this as a waste of time. Question 3: Along with team building, in what other ways do these volunteering activities improve organizations? The volunteering activities at Molson Coors have had a positive effect on employee morale. In the case of Molson Coors, the percentage of employees who were “extremely satisfied” with Molson as an employer increased from 62 percent to 78 percent in the year after volunteering as introduced as a team builder. This has made Molson Coors a more attractive employer of choice and when an employer attracts more people, it attracts more talented individuals. It also increased the “triple-bottom line” for Molson Coors because along with favourable earnings and happy employees, Molson Coors is viewed as a responsible corporate citizen that society wants to do business with. This positive image reflected by Molson Coors’ staff is a form of
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