Team Building, Leadership And Motivation Essay

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Team building, Leadership and Motivation
Building the right team with the most appropriate leadership and striving to keep the team motivated cannot be over-estimated in project management. This stage is initiated from the planning stage. Unlike larger scaled projects that teams are to be built around the project, our team was built before defining the project, we therefore had to tap into the strengths of each group member. This was achieved by gauging the types of contributions made by members during the planning stage, making it easy to identify what roles specific individuals are best suited to carry out. More so, significant leadership qualities were identified in individuals within the group. These included, taking responsibility for initiating work towards the project, taking responsibility of gathering all team members to initial meetings as well natural co-ordination of group activities.
According to The Management Study guide, “Team building refers to the various activities undertaken to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance of the team” (Management Study Guide 2016). The dynamics of building and maintaining a strong team are extremely vital as the knowledge and expertise each teammate brings to the table will be beneficial, ultimately. To build momentum and a healthy work relationship within the team, we held several team meets and went to lunch and/or dinner occasionally. This phase of project management carries through to the completion
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