Team C Week 4 Competitive Advantages Paper

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Competitive Advantages Paper MGT/498 Strategic Management Instructor Date Competitive Advantages Paper Riordan manufacturing is a leader in innovation and plastics manufacturing. The company was founded by Dr. Riordan, who in 1991 setup headquarters in San Jose, California and has manage to be a dynamic force, changing with needs of the industry. Through a series of strategic decisions, the company managed to purchase the Pontiac, Michigan manufacturing plant in 1992 via a venture capital arrangement, and later vertically expanded liquidity and progressive revenue earnings in 1993 when it acquired a manufacturing facility in Albany, Georgia. In the year 2000, Dr. Riordan seized the opportunity to expand globally by opening…show more content…
They have 550 employees they produce plastic beverage containers, custom plastic parts and plastic fan parts in China. The strengths they have going for them is they have established there business here in the United States. The major growth has been by our Department of Defense contracts. These have also been subsiding internationally as well. By opening plant operations in China they are able to cut cost on raw material and save money with labor operations. By sustaining business strategies with a proven product with numerous patents they are able to grow their business. This also gives them the opportunity to analyze any ongoing international strategies they are able to grow internationally with plant operations in China. Riordan provides top notch customer service and prides themselves on long term comment to all their clients. In today ever evolving and changing strategies Riordan will keep up with the changes of their product for the future, They are focused in achieving while maintain profitability to assure that finical and human capital is to sustain growth. The biggest challenge with sustaining these business strategies will be ethic issues that arise from operating internationally. However with Riordan they are ISO 9000 standards which are implemented with all the business affiliates. This will help in analyzing high value in production and policy producers to maintain their high standards for years to come. Explain why you chose these competitive

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