Team Capabilities For An Organization

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Groups /Teams in Organizations ae very important to any organization when people can work together and pull on the strengths of each other, work becomes seamless and transformational. It takes people skills to build and maintain teams. “Team Capabilities” Creating Group Synergy in pursuing Collective Goals” (Goleman, (2006), p. 216). The most important concept in Team Capabilities for me is; respect, helpfulness and corporation. I believe that if you start with these concepts you will be able to build a team that will love working for you as well as working together. All most of us want is respect; when you respect a person, and show it they will be more kind, considerate and trusting of you.

For me personally I know this
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Teams are made up of individuals however, teams must be able to work together, there cannot be any big I and little U’s. People on a team must be willing to do their part and if a time arises when you need to be a team player and help the team you must be willing. If your individual goal is what you can accomplish, you are not a team player and others will know this. Team; is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, common performance goals, and an end approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. (Griffin, Moorhead, (2014), p, 267). We have a team member that would like to be a leader, however she is in not but try’s and dictates her conversations and importance to establish her place above everyone else. This rubs all of us the wrong way, she spends countless hours trying to prove that she is better and capable of doing her job and yours better. However, the truth of the matter is she only know her job and no one else’s she never puts herself in a place to be questioned or for it to be realized what she does not know. To maintain that she helps no one, if she did she would have to ask questions and be open for instruction and she is not. The problem is not just
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