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GM600 MBA Capstone TEAM CHARTER I. Team Information TEAM: | | TEAM DURATION: 8 weeks | DEPARTMENT: GM600 | | REPORTING TO: J. Hootman His Contact Info: 503-430-4566, | MEMBER NAME | # | PHONE # | | EMAIL | | AVAILABILITY | Tara Backes | 1 | 503-432-5864 | | | | Afternoons after 2pm | Tom Nicolosi | 2 | 801-850-3386 | | | | After 8 m (Off Monday-Wednesday) | Nicodemus Pederson | 3 | 503-962-0642 | | | | After 8pm (works weekends) | Maria Ana Yagi | 4 | 626-808-6769 | | | | Any time | II. Team CAPSTONE PROJECT Description Our client is John Bennett, instructor at…show more content…
Each of us is committed to an “A” Project, which is hopefully approved for our Client, which means we are willing to put in the time and research necessary for this project. -Communication & Language Barriers- We know that one of our team member is concerned about the language barrier and we will see to it that at all times she is sure of what she needs to do and is on the correct path. All team members acknowledged that communication is essential to the success of our project, and will take all efforts to keep open and honest communication. -Research- As none of us are experts in the current subject matter, we will all have to spend additional research time to make sure we are on the same page, and we will make sure that our sources are established experts or can be verified by an authority in the market. b) Team Operational GROUND RULES: -Ask for help no matter what, and do not judge those who ask for help! -All Emails should have team CC’d and Professor Hootman CC’d. -Do not CC John on all emails; please send only specific questions and Team Leader will send periodic status updates for review. -Do not make assumptions, get facts! -Participate in all meetings and conference calls- if you cannot be there or will be more then 5 minutes late please let the Team Leader know! -Status
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