Team Cohesion, Leadership Styles And Finally Personal Factors

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This research paper is about how certain main concepts contribute to the influence on team cohesion. The main concepts in greater detail are, task cohesion, leadership styles and finally personal factors. Task cohesion has been found to be extremely important when it comes to team cohesion. Research shows that if a team has a mutual goal they are more likely to put their differences aside and become a cohesive unit. Leadership also has a positive influence on cohesion. Depending on the type of leadership, it can lead to either positive or negative outcomes on cohesion. Personal factors, mainly individual satisfaction can be significant when looking at team cohesion. If a player feels more satisfied with themselves and within their role, they are more likely to perform better resulting in stronger cohesion. Introduction In sports, especially team related sports, there are certain aspects that can help improve team dynamic as well as ultimately improve the team’s performance as a whole. One of those main aspect is called team cohesion. Team cohesion results in teams forming a special bond with one another linking them together as one functioning unit, instead of multiple random moving pieces. (Boundless, 2015). Not only has team cohesion led to better performance and team dynamic, it is also central to higher positive member satisfaction, stronger communication and a firm sense of belonging. This paper will outline how task cohesion, leadership styles, and personal factors
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