Team Conflicts: Causes and Resolutions

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Teams and conflict Introduction Teams are basically a group of one or more people all with the same purpose and geared towards the achievement of the same goal. Generally, teams bring about many advantages to organizations and that is why they are often used in organizations. Additionally, teams usually have members who have skills which complement each other and generate a kind of synergy which coordinates their efforts and allows each team member to give their strength to the maximum and to minimize their weaknesses so as to achieve the common goal or objective. There are also different types of teams depending on the specific situation in the organization. Despite the composition and type of team, teams are extremely important towards the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives ADDIN EN.CITE Wang2008993(Wang & He, 2008)99399317Wang, SijunHe, YuanjieCompensating Nondedicated Cross-Functional TeamsOrganization ScienceOrganization Science753-7651952008INFORMS10477039 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_8" o "Wang, 2008 #993" Wang & He, 2008). Use of work teams to promote decision making Work teams are used in organizations as a way of structuring work and they accomplish large tasks which are complex in nature which when working alone as individuals, they would not normally be able to accomplish. Teams also give the members of the team huge potential for being innovative and creative towards responding to the customers, and
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