Team Development Paper

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Team Development Introduction The use of teams can be an excellent method to accomplish tasks, goals, and mission. However, a team development strategy must be established to ensure the team is effective and potential issues are addressed. Team leadership is critical in the development, training, monitoring, and success of teams. Teams require training and attention in order to be successful (Cottrill, 1997). In issue six of the DPU case study, the CEO will make the use teams to improve the quality of manufacturing production (Schoology, 2016). The use of small, six person teams will ensure the teams will be productive and engaged. The first step to take when establishing new teams is to identify the issues and concerns of team development.…show more content…
Specific mission and goals will help peak a team's interest and give the team a way ahead. Teams needs to have open communication and be fully engaged. Specific training on good communication skills will help the team communicate positively. Additionally, roles and responsibilities need to be identified in order to prevent team conflict. There shouldn't be any question of who is responsible for what and where authority lies. Likewise, a team must have policy, rules, and specific guidelines to follow. This will aid is resolving issues which may occur in a team environment. A good team strategy requires building trust among team members and providing specific training on working in a team environment. Teams require the attention of their leaders to ensure the team environment progresses (Cottrill, 1997). Finally, leaders of teams need to have a method to identify and measure the effectiveness of the teams (Hoevemeyer, 1993). The use of inventories and assessments checklist can aid in this effort. This will ensure the team is productive and identify when a leader needs to engage and make corrective actions. A good team strategy will ensure productive team
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