Team Diversity Paper

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Introduction People and their differences compose the basis of an organization 's aptitude to develop broad viewpoints and to approach business tribulations in new and innovative ways. Each team member will bring to the project a unique set of skills and expertise. The dynamics and effectiveness of the team will be impacted by various factors. Some of these factors are but are not limited to, value and attitude differences, occupation, demographics, and differences in skills and abilities. Understanding the qualitative nature of a team’s response to these factors, will shed some light on how complex teams operating in a complex business environment actually function, and can lead to the outright success or failure of a team’s effort.…show more content…
It will allow us to pull on each other’s experience in areas where we may not have any knowledge. Although management styles differ from job to job and person to person, the management experience on this team is capable of handling any task set before it.
The demographics for our team will enhance and create some problems with the effectiveness of our team. On a positive note, everyone in the team is in the same time zone, which will make deadlines and communications occur without complications due to different time zones. Although Rob and Fabian are geographically separate from Mark and James, this difference will not make a large impact on the groups’ performance in an online environment. We also have similar occupations, with enough differences and experience levels to gain different perspectives and ideas. In general, we all have a similar educational background with everyone having a high school degree, and each of us pursuing a degree in business management at the University of Phoenix Online Business Management Program. Some demographic factors that may become obstacles to the teams’ effectiveness are age differences, marital status, and children. Our ages range from 25 to 43, which can negatively affect our effectiveness due to varying experience level, outlook on life, and the goals for obtaining a college degree. Although it can also be a positive contribution, since it
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