Team Dynamics

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Team Dynamics Group of people working together for achieving the organizational goals are considered team but when people create group with no interdependence or organizationally focused objective are called formal group. These formal groups are available in almost every form of social organization, and same applies to my classroom on basis of race, religion and nationality. People of same race go along with each other very easily as they are familiar about themselves and similar situation goes for religion and nationality too. There are various reasons for having formal groups within a social organization among which the most basic reason is drive to bond, human being is a social animal and they are hardwired through…show more content…
As the time passes, the team is going to reach the third level which would be norming stage, where team is going to establish consensus forms around group objectives. In this stage all team members from different background will be cooperative among themselves and build up trust among themselves. Once team members becomes acquainted to each other then they will reach final stage of team development i.e. adjourning stage. In this stage team will disband, where team will divert their attention from task orientation to relationship focus. Kansas office in my company, a national sales organization of electrical products for developers and Contractors shows proper functioning of team norms where team members regularly calls customer after a sale to ask whether the product arrives on time and whether they are satisfy or not. It shows that Kansas office team members create a norm where their main focus is to satisfy the customer and everybody follows those norms which is not the case in Denver. Denver office shows that they don’t have norm of calling customers and worry about customer satisfaction. Team norms are the informal rules and expectation laid down by the team members to regulate their behavior. The reasons which could be affecting Denver office for not having those norms are that they don’t receive any praise from high-status member, member in Denver office are not allowed to access
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