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University of Phoenix Material
Learning Plan Worksheet
This assignment provides students with an opportunity to prepare a comprehensive plan for their learning. Students examine their personal learning style, investigate time management strategies, and create a goal action plan.
Part One: Personality Styles
1. Complete the "Multiple Pathways to Learning Assessment" on pp. 41-42 in the text Keys to College Studying.
2. Complete Steps 1 and 2 of the "Personality Spectrum" on p. 46 in the text Keys to College Studying.
3. Using the information in Key 2.2 on pp. 43-44 and Key 2.3 on p. 48 of the text Keys to College Studying describe your optimal learning times and optimal learning environment.
My optimal learning times are in the
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studying at home
11:30 p.m. studying at home
12:00 a.m. studying at home

2. Analyze the completed log to identify two hours a day that you can devote to studying. Arrange activities to maximize your peak learning times and record the recommendations on the following daily calendar.

Recommended Daily Schedule
Time Activities Comments/Observations 6:00 a.m. wake-up and organize room at home
6:30 a.m. brush teeth and get dressed at home
7:00 a.m. brush teeth and get dressed at home
7:30 a.m. driving to work in car
8:00 a.m. working at work
8:30 a.m. working at work
9:00 a.m. working at work
9:30 a.m. working at work
10:00 a.m. working at work
10:30 a.m. working at work
11:00 a.m. working at work
11:30 a.m. working at work
12:00 p.m. working at work
12:30 p.m. working at work
1:00 p.m. working at work
1:30 p.m. working at work
2:00 p.m. working at work
2:30 p.m. working at work
3:00 p.m. working at work
3:30 p.m. working at work
4:00 p.m. working at work
4:30 p.m. working at work
5:00 p.m. driving home in car
5:30 p.m. getting settled at home at home
6:00 p.m. eating dinner at home
6:30 p.m. eating dinner at home
7:00 p.m. digesting dinner at home
7:30 p.m. digesting dinner at home
8:00 p.m. driving to gym in car
8:30 p.m. working out in gym
9:00 p.m. working out in gym…