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Group Behaviors and Team Dynamics (Group 2) Group of 2+ people who interact and influence one another , mutually accountable for achieving common goals associated with organizational objectives, and perceive themselves as a social entity within organization. Typically , a team was formed because of a goal to be met. Can also team formed because of the need to collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal . These types of teams are divided into three divisions , namely : Duration teams, differences in abilities , and differences authority. Making the team is usually seen from how long the team will be there . Division teams usually according to the ability of each individual , usually refers to the ability and…show more content…
If one team member who lacks these teamwork competencies may undermine the dynamics of the entire team. Team Diversity It is also important dimension of team composition, but has both positive and negative effects on teams. + | - | Make better decision | Take longer to become a high-performing team because bonding is slower | Broader pool of technical compentencies | | Provide better representation of the team/s constituents | | Gives a stakeholders a belief they have a voice in the decision process | | Team Processes Team Development 1. Forming : The first stage of team development, is a period of testing and orientation in which members learn about one another and evaluate benefits and cost continued membership. 2. Storming : marked by interpersonal conflict as members become more proactive and compete for for various team roles. Member try to establish norms of appropriate behavior and performance standard. 3. Norming : the teams develops its first real sense of cohesion as roles ae established and aconsensus forms around group objectives and a common or complementary team based mental-model. 4. Performing : team members have learned to efficiently coordinate and resolve conflicts. 5. Adjourning : this stages occurs when the team is about to disband. Team Roles An important part of team development process is forming and reinforcing team roles. A role is a set of behavior

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