Team Effectiveness

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Introduction Effective communication plays a vital role in co-located and virtual teams.The networks of communication and interpersonal relationships that develop naturally within an organization form channels for the flow of organizational knowledge…show more content…
These blogs can be used publicly or have a private one that is for exclusive use with in your team or organization. Blogs are a convenient way for dispersed teams to share knowledge and ideas. Even co-located teams can benefit from the use of blogs; blogs make it easy to document ideas for use by the whole team. The benefits of blogs are they can be accessed world wide, anytime ad they easy to maintain. Blogs are easily adaptable for most uses and provide a good source of communications between team members. Due to the nature of Blogs, they are not very useful when it comes to real time meetings. Virtual teams can also integrate mobile devices with web-based group communication for decision-making tasks, mobile technologies and communication modes are the best for distributed group teamwork and makes group communication successful. As stated by B. Violino “IM can be especially useful for collaboration among people in geographically dispersed locations. Project teams and departments such as IT and support services can use instant messaging to exchange information with colleagues when calling is not practical or available.” Violino, B. (2007). Media richness Media richness was first introduced by Daft and Lengel (1986), and they defined "Information Richness" as ability of information to change understanding within a time interval." The level of media richness is measured by capacity of immediate feedback, multiple cues, language
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