Team Environment Evaluation

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Team Environment Evaluation Executive Summary The following pages focus on providing an evaluation of a medium sized marketing company. The paper provides an analysis of the company's team structure, employee satisfaction, communication between managers and employees, motivational strategy, and stress management. The paper also presents a Recommendations section that can be used in this situation. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper. Team Analysis The company has a clearly defined team structure. Each team has a manager in charge of several subordinates. These subordinates are represented by seniors that supervise juniors and assistants. The team manager assigns the tasks to subordinates. If seniors must delegate some of their activities, they must notify this to the team manager. The entire activity of the team is controlled by the manager. Some of the activities are independent and employees are allowed to make decisions, while in the case of other activities it is important that employees work with the manager's decision. This seems to be an efficient team structure. However, its efficiency can be improved. This objective can be reached by allowing seniors other activities to delegate to juniors. In addition to this, the senior employees should have greater authority in the decision making process (Wysocki, 2011). This could reduce the time required in the case of certain activities, increasing the efficiency
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