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Team Leadership MGT 521 February 24th, 2014 Team Leadership Memorandum To: Bill Smith CC: Strategic Market Plan Project Leaders From: Damian Beattie Date: 3/20/14 Re: Strategic Plan in Effective Team Management Entering into a new market segment will be a particularly challenging project to implement into our current structure. Many factors will need to become more apparent when we attempt to initialize a set plan that suits not only the strategical needs of the organization but those of the employee’s involved. Instructing my team to use initiative and putting such faith in my individual members will be crucial for executing within a designated time frame so we can be ready for our new department to take off on…show more content…
Negative effects that could come with this role is becoming too manipulative in directing my team, which could cause members to become futile. A process for culture change The process described below has been applied successfully in a number of organizations to bring about culture change (Thornbury, 2003). At a very high level, it consists of three phases: 1. The first phase is about establishing the starting point: fully understanding the existing culture of the organization. 2. The second phase is to do with setting the parameters for the culture to which the organization wishes to move. 3. The third phase is the ongoing process of organization development that supports the "new" culture and makes it a reality. If we can acknowledge that our current culture is ineffective we can modify the vision in which we as an organization can adequately relate to this particular market segment. Organizational or corporate culture covers many facets of organizational life, such as management styles, appraisals, rewards, and communication styles used by employees. If we can adjust too many varying styles of management, which includes myself, I believe that our control over this new market will be so strong that many competitors will attempt to become strategic partners. If this does evolve into new business partnerships then our leading edge towards new and improved innovation will be the benchmark for other corporations to follow. Not only will we be a leader in
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