Team Leadership and Communication

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Team Leadership & Communication Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Transformational Leadership 4 Transactional Leadership 6 Level 5 Leadership 8 Discussion 9 Works Cited 12 Executive Summary Although it is hard to pinpoint many of the success factors responsible for effective communication in different situations, communication is generally noted as a critical success factor in most leadership models. The primary reason that there is a lot of ambiguity in research surrounding communication is that is a rather complex concept that includes a multitude of different factors that are dependent usually on a particular situation. In a different situation the scope of the factors involved in communication could be entirely different. This paper selects some popular leadership models and discusses some of the roles that communication plays within these models. Introduction Leadership, like communications, is an exceptionally multifaceted concept that is studied via a plethora of academic disciplines. Researchers have looked at these concepts from different angles. Such disciplines include Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Business, and Sociology are all among the fields that are consistently adding to the body of work compiled. There is much scientific literature as well as from professional practitioners who all seem to have different theories of leadership and communication Given the range of different viewpoints as well
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