Team Lean Initiatives And Characteristics Of Lean Enterprise Style

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Team Lean Initiatives Paper Learning Team C ISCOM/472 November 30, 2015 Daryl Pearson Introduction "Since its founding in 1837, John Deere has seen great many changes in its business, its products, and its services” (John Deere, 2015). John Deere will have some contrasts and comparisons to our organization in management style(s) for lean initiative and characteristics of lean enterprise style(s). Some of John Deere’s lean practices could also integrate into our organization. The use of technology can support lean objectives in a global environment in different ways. John Deere has shown the way to becoming a leaner company. Management Style Management styles are a set of skills that appear in divergent traits. Many organizations worldwide have clung onto the authoritative management for centuries. This category of management is known as the “do as I say manager, and seldom accepts input from their team. For an association to generate revenue, all employees must feel some sort of importance. John Deere is notoriously known for operating with the highest reliability. They continually embrace a lean manufacturing philosophy that elevates better production controls to dispense with waste and expand efficiency. They have established methods of quality assurance to ensure that each product is upheld to integrity and standard. It is believed that management style that John Deere practices is the participative management style. The participative
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