Team Overall Effectiveness Paper

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Teams overall effectiveness D1 In this assignment I will be looking at the team’s overall effectiveness within three different activities which is the tower activity, plane crash activity and the questionnaire activity. The different activities can allow us to analyse the overall effectiveness and see the changes depending on the activity itself. Tower activity In the tower activity, the goal was to build a paper tower and be at the highest possible height although the equipment was limited to a budget and each team has their own choice on what they would use their budget on. We did not perform very well in this activity as communication was not very successful which was caused by being well over budget on the materials that we were using. Within this activity there was no team leader although Georgia and Jack acted as if they were team leader. The team members were not taken into consideration by Georgia and Jack and were told exactly what task to do despite not making an agreement. It is very important for there to…show more content…
The different factors included age, sex and education. I felt that this activity was very successful as we met are objective and provided a detailed analysis of why each individual should or should not be saved. Communication was very good with very little confident. Although the task was successful there are some improvements which can be made, I was the team leader but did not co-ordinate the team. Many team members spent a lot of time on talking and joking around rather than being focused on their job. One way I could co-ordinated the team better is by giving each team member a task each so they are held accountable on the job they are doing and is likely to reduce chatter because everyone has got their own work. Conflict was dealt with by having a democratic vote on who should be
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