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1. How do the approaches used by Nordam Europe seem to support high performance work, drawing upon the ideas presented in this chapter? As stated in the text, Nordam Europe always strives to have people who are experienced and knowledgeable. Because of the need for high-precision parts it is critical to have workers who are skilled. This company believes in continuous improvement for their employees; so they are constantly being trained and kept up to date on technologies such as in the context of repairs to their aircraft engines. There is an annual appraisal system where the staff decides whether or not new training and development needs to be implemented. These approaches and practices implemented by Nordam Europe support high…show more content…
When the company has qualified individuals with different cultural backgrounds this also brings diversity, and each of these individuals contain different skills that are beneficial to the success of the company. Similarly, an organization is able to maintain status quo, keeping the mantra of an ethical entity providing both the consumers and stakeholders exceptional quality products and services. With all of these organizational needs set; it makes it easier for the company to develop leaders and innovators for the future. 3. What are some possible leadership and motivation advantages of using older workers for the type of work done by Nordam Europe? Older workers compared to their younger counterparts are usually mature, reliable, and have the years of knowledge and life experiences to deal with day to day work-related issues. Usually the older employees can bring their knowledge they gained from their previous jobs and use those skills to contribute to the growth and success of the company. Because of their experiences they are able to make realistic, conscious decisions. These characteristics are essential for leadership type positions, using the skills that they already possess and share it with those who are less experienced, especially in an industry

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