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Abstract The HR practices of Aflac were examined in the context of its effect on employee satisfaction. In 2015, Aflac made the list of 100 best companies to work for as it has done for the past ___years. The team examined the benefits provided to the employees and the workplace culture at Aflac in order to determine why the organization enjoyed a low-rate of employee turnover and why surveys showed that its employees were highly satisfied with working at Aflac. Aflac “strives to deliver quality services to its 4,500 employees while staying competitive in the insurance market” (Reed, 2015). The team determined that part of the employee satisfaction resulted from Aflac’s decision to not lay off its employees during economic…show more content…
Aflac has grown not only in the United States but also in Japan, as well. Aflac was sprouted from the idea of three brothers who believed people needed protection when a medical problem arose (“Aflac Supplemental Insurance”, 2015). Their core value was always held to high standards and that was to “put the policyholders first (“Aflac Supplemental Insurance”, 2015).” Aflac also strives themselves to be comprised of a diverse group of individuals. This idea buds the notion that each individual person brings different strengths to the table and for this reason is why Aflac has been so successful over the decades. With the stride to grow and expand worldwide, Aflac has expressed the importance to recruit and retain the top talent they receive. With a bold idea such as this, Human Resource Departments have a difficult job to hire top talent employees and ensure turnover is low. Business Week rated Aflac 21st in best places to work in 2009, calling on their promoted educational benefits, unlimited tuition reimbursement and their willingness to provide entry level positions to newly graduated individuals (“Aflac Supplemental Insurance”, 2009). It is benefits such as these that keep talented individuals applying

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