Team Plan For Team Building

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Team building alludes to an array of activities embark on to stimulate or inspire others with a goal of increasing productivity or performance of the team. Team members have to be encouraged and motivated to perform a task. Team building is a fundamental process for any organization’s success. The leader’s knowledge, skills and ability to implement quality team building activities play a vital role in the success of the organization. Team members have to unite around a common goal and the desire to accomplish that goal must be the number one priority of the team. Team building is not a one time experience but it has to be an ongoing process that supports a team to develop into a cohesive unit. Team members must trust and support each…show more content…
Implementing team building activities in such cases should be done by departments. Teams with a leader should be developed by departments to promote cohesiveness and improve morale and motivation within the department. All of which will improve the overall productivity and cohesiveness of the organization. Two activities designed to promote team building and improve employee morale and motivation in higher education settings are (1) a trip out of town and (2) employee of the week by department. Off Campus Travel Excursion The purpose of team building activities is to engage team members in collaboration. Collaboration stimulates creative thinking, which opens the door for new ideas that increase productivity and profitability in the organization. Collaboration is essential for unifying team members to accomplish goals. Creating a collaborative atmosphere encourages team members to support and hold each other accountable for accomplishing a task or goal. Therefore, the success of an organization depends largely on how employees function as a cohesive group. One way to get employees to function as a cohesive group is to get them out of the everyday office environment (Rickert, 2012). Rickert further shares that, “employees form stronger relationships and are more receptive of the each other’s strong points and skills when they gather together outside of normal routines and procedures of the workplace setting.” Employees find traveling to off campus team
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