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Team Process: When becoming a part of a team, at the beginning of this semester, I never imagined how much teamwork and communication was needed to get even an entry-level project done in a team. One of the best traits of my team was our excellent use of coordination. Coordination helped us stay organized, as well as made each team member more effective. We never missed a team meeting, and always completed our assigned work on time. The Gantt chart we created towards the beginning of our project, helped each member stay organized, so no one member took on a larger share of work than assigned to. As well as staying organized, we worked well as a team, and I believe we all respected each others abilities to complete our own tasks. The reason we were able to function so well, was because only the facilitator had the desire to lead. There were no power struggle and confrontations. There were never conflicting ideas in the team, we all accepted what we had to do and let one person take charge. However, that doesn’t mean, we didn’t put in a lot work. We worked hard to complete our project; it only shows that we were able to work well, when given the task of turning design ideas into reality. As an engineer, you will not have total freedom of concept, design and build. You might have one task, or many, but there could be many people working on a project and you will have to build according to someone else 's specifications and design. To engage all team members, we made sure
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