Team Project : Team Program

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This team project was among the more challenging team projects I have worked on. Some of that is due to the short time given for the scope of the project, some due to the number of people in the group, and finally some to individual willingness to contribute to the team effort. Our team struggled to gain cohesiveness starting with a group member missing the first meeting and another one stating they were too busy to meet during the week or on the weekend. They were reminded that we all had to make personal efforts to meet and complete the requirements of the project. Once we moved through these initial “bumps” we brainstormed as a group to come up with an idea for our crisis. We gathered several ideas and ultimately voted (those were present at the meeting) on what our topic would be, who would fulfill what roles and the responsibilities we would assume. We left that meeting with a basic understanding of our project. I have had a lot of experience working in groups both in school and professionally, and some of the above-mentioned challenges we encountered are not unique either in the academic or professional setting. I choose to keep tension to a minimum within in the group as far as confronting individuals (unless I absolutely must- I subscribe to “you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar”, but I will pull out the vinegar if needed). I have found if your approach is confrontational, accusatory (you didn’t do this, you don’t do that) and angry when you are
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