Team Red, White, And Blue

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Team Red, White, and Blue is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help veterans reintegrate into the civilian world through social and physical activity with a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy suffering through sweat and physical challenges. These groups include veterans, active military and civilians alike, all from various age groups and walks of life (TeamRWB, 2016). With so many veteran focused nonprofit organizations popping up over the last 10 years, Team Red, White, and Blue is different. Other organizations focus on identifying the problems that plague Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, such as fighting PTSD and rehabilitation for wounded veterans. While this is part of why Team Red, White, and Blue exists, the founder and chairman of the board Mike Erwin found that most veterans did not want to be labeled as needing help. Instead, veterans wanted to help each other, and in the process help themselves. This evolved into a need for veterans to have a way to get together and bond with one another and with civilian volunteers, creating a brotherhood similar to that one has in their own unit. The three biggest expenses for Team Red, White, and Blue are the local chapter funding, the veteran ambassador program, and the athletic camp program. The chapter leadership host weekly fitness activities and monthly social activities, as well as organize community service activities and group participation at local races and events of varying athletic areas. The

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