Team Scenarios: Business Information Systems

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Team Scenarios: Please type your answers to each question below in complete sentences. Be as specific as possible. Your answers should be about as long as the space provided. A problem may have multiple causes. There is not necessarily one "correct" answer to each case. Just think about each case and do your best. Scenario 1: The members of a group in a systems analysis and design class disagreed over what should be done in one important part of a project phase submission. About half of the group felt one way, while the remaining members favored the opposite view. After two or three minutes of disagreeing, the group agreed to vote on the issue. One side won by a 3-2 margin, and the group proceeded with the majority view. What is the problem? The problem was a major difference of opinion in the scope and objectives of the project, driven most likely by scope creep and the motivations of one group to include a series of additional features or items. This is common in all phases of a software project, yet particularly challenging at the very beginning as each programming team will want to specifically have their requirements and preferences included in the project plan. What is a possible factor that led to it? Often this occurs due to project team members having significantly different perspectives or perceptions of just what the goals and objectives of the project are. Often project teams will also have predetermined project preferences, while also having
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