Team Skills Research Paper

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What do you do with a trouble kid? Not jail, too young for that, so jovial prison? Rehab? Let them stay home, but make them go to therapy once a week? What do you do? Team Skills is a program that take trouble youth, and ship them off to an island in the Indian Ocean. There they will work with the leaders and natives to rebuild homes, plant and tend gardens, and how to survive without the outside world helping. An escape to a place unknown where the trouble kid will learn the value of hard work, and work out their issues with the well trained staff who were looking for a 100% success rate. Pitching that to the government, Team Skills was born, and were ready to board their first plane of trouble kids and take them away, to hopefully recover.…show more content…
She landed herself at Team Skills for one simple reason: she’s a monster. Yet Fran could not have imagine her life going downhill any quicker when the plane left the United Kingdom, a place she always called home to fly to an island in the Indian Ocean. Well she was wrong. When the engine caught fire Fran, and the rest of the Team Skills leaders and campers were thrown around the plane, until it crashed into the ocean. Fran was the only survivor. Trapped on an island, population of two: one human and one dog named Dog, Fran has to learn to survive on the island, as well deal with the past events that brought her
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