Team Strengths And Weaknesses

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Working in a team to accomplish a specific task is never easy. Conflicts arise, communication breaks down, distrust among members may be present, and roles and responsibilities may not be clearly defined. All of these elements can cause a team to fail. A complete evaluation of Team New Texas’ (TNT) performance will help identify the strengths and weakness of the team and the areas that need improvement. Performance Evaluation High performing teams have shared goals and effective communication. According to Mustafa (2013), “team goals must be clear, completely understood and accepted by each member of the team” (p. 489). There must be commitment and active participation from all members. Trust must be present among members and conflict must be well managed. When these elements are built into a team, the group is more likely to achieve their goal. Overall, TNT functioned well. There was synergy and an equal amount of participation. The team knew they needed to work together to achieve the overall goal. According to Mustafa (2013), “a critical element to team work success is that all of the team’s efforts are directed toward the same clear goals, the team goals” (p, 489). The team did experience some blocked lines of communication which created frustration and near team failure. In addition, the team experienced conflict which surfaced during the storming stage of team development. According to Bonebright (2010), “the storming stage represents a time of intergroup

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