Team Work Essay

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Team Work This about how to work with groups and other team members, most of the time it is hard to do but with our jobs nowadays we have to do what we have to do. I like working with others for the most part, especially when they are motivated in getting the job done in a timely manner. Then we have some that just don’t want to help but want everybody else to do their work for them. Working in groups you will have to know who is who and what they like to do, and then you can do what it is that has to be done for that group. Group dynamics is when we interact with all groups involved with the project. (Chapter 1, pg 1 joining together; group theory and group skills 10th edition). With group dynamics we can learn about how a person…show more content…
Every decision made within the group becomes a team effort with the goal of producing maximum results. Most of the times when you try to look up on what a group is suppose to do most of the time it’s not that way. From my own experience I like to just go and see who I’m working with and what it is that we have to do. I like when a person likes to do their own work and is not lazy, that’s the only time I don’t want to work with groups. You can research some times and hope to find what you are looking for but not always is that what you have to do, because all you can do is just ask the other people how someone works and if that person is a good candidate to work with. From personal experience I feel better if I can work with just one or two people. Working with more than that most of the time for me it doesn’t work, because when you have different personalities then that is when you have conflicts within a group. I know that you will have to work in a group some of the time, but I think that it is better if you work alone. It also depends on what the job entitles some do want us to work with others and some don’t so it really doesn’t matter to me either way, if I do then I do. When I work with other people at my job we always have fun in doing our jobs, we like what we do and like to work with everyone. We take training classes together, and lunch so we can get along. I feel as though if you can get along with others then you can work in a
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