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My reflection paper is classified along the following lines.

The above model draws form ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, Understanding and Managing Life at Work, EIGHTH EDITION by Gary Johns and Alan Saks and has been trifurcated stage wise in relation to the game, Forbidden Island.

The pre- game scenario began with FORMING. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a clue as regards “Forbidden Island” and wasn’t too familiar with many board or card games. My initial
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Interactions were now in order and a hotelier who was also a lawyer was elected the group leader by virtue of his expertise .This relates to the” situational favourableness “scenario. and contingent upon a) leader member relations, b) task structure of the group and c) position power based on FRED FIEDLERS CONTINGENCY THEORY[1] .

The first round of the game was an eye opener for me in terms of overall game play and my special powers as a diver. I tailored some of my moves from the beginning to suit a team mate who had three treasure cards and helped her get the next one for her to collect her treasure .It was the first among us all. Quickly, every team member adopted a group objective oriented approach all our behavior was attuned to a “lets win together” attitude. Interestingly, I was the last one in my group to get my treasure, but all my group members made at least one move to help me and we finished the our first game in an hour. In many real life scenarios we realize that just when we think we have the answer, the question gets changed or things get harder. One needs to forge ahead with a renewed sense of purpose till objectives are achieved, despite all odds. During the second game, I got the pilot card and was able to move to any place on the island, helping my team mates and shoring up cards as well. I was the first in the group to get my treasure in the second game and seized the opportunity to assist my team members over the next half an

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