Team Work Makes a Dream Work

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[pic] [pic][pic][pic] TEAMWORK Topic : Teamwork is an important component of the effective functioning of any organisation. Choose an organization of your choice and demonstrate through a case study approach, how teams operate and function in an organization. Weigh up factors that promote or inhibit successful teamwork in an organization. Discuss the characteristics of successful work teams in your essay. Table of Content 1. Introduction1 2. Background information on National Development Agency1 2.1. Organisational Structure2 2.2. Operation of NDA2 3. Importance of Teamwork3 4. Factors Promoting Teamwork Success4 5. Factors Inhibiting Teamwork Success5 6. Characteristics of Successful Teamwork6 7. Conclusion6List of Sources7 1 [pic][pic]…show more content…
3.Importance of Teamwork 3 [pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic] Collective action is widely recognized as a positive force for teamwork in anyorganization or institution to succeed. Teams enable individuals to empower themselvesand to increase benefits from cooperative work engaged on as a group. Gettingtogether with others also can allow individuals to better understand the importance of teamwork and how the organization operate as well as promote the culture of teamworksuccess. The following assignment will address issues like the importance of anorganization, operational function, factors promoting teamwork and overview of theorganizational structure. The only purpose hwy teamwork is vital to an organization isthat, it instill hard work among individuals within the organization (Wageman 1997:56).However, without teamwork houses take long to build, government collapse andcompanies are out shined by their competitors in the market and lastly withoutteamwork people lose their inspiration. According to Wageman (1997:49) “company’steamwork is the only way anything gets accomplished with quality and efficiency and amajor reason why economic growth is under control and company’s success isscrutinized by top management to achieve the desired goals”. To gain competitiveadvantage companies have to encourage teamwork because its base where new ideascome from. To employees teamwork is seen as constituting a larger group of peoplethan what job position describes. The
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