Team Work and High Performance Organization

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Teamwork and high performance work organisation Introduction Defining teamwork High performance workplace organisation Scope of study Incidence of teamwork Teamwork and autonomy Impact of teamwork on learning environment Job satisfaction Negative consequences of teamwork Organisational environment Conclusion References Annex 1: Sample survey questions Annex 2: Survey sources This report is available in electronic format only. Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18, Ireland. - Tel: (+353 1) 204 31 00 - Fax: 282 42 09 / 282 64 56 e-mail: - website: This report provides a comparative overview of teamwork, based on the European Working Conditions Surveys and…show more content…
The form of teamwork depends on task specificity. According to the definition proposed by Hacker (see below), a distinctive feature of teamwork at the assembly line is successive work actions to assemble different parts of a product. On the other hand, where the goal is to improve the production process, group teamwork is much more about complexity, communication and integrative work (O’Leary-Kelly, 1994). For the purposes of this study, teamwork is understood in a broader context without drawing a distinction between teams and work groups; it thus encompasses the following definitions: • team: ‘Groups of employees who have at least some collective tasks and where the team members are authorised to regulate mutually the execution of these collective tasks’ (Delarue, 2003); © European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2007 2 • group work: ‘Group work is defined by a common task requiring interdependent work and successive or integrative action’ (Hacker, 1998). Cultural differences The varying cultural context in countries may influence understanding of the term ‘teamwork’, due to different experiences in using the term in everyday language, experiences from a person’s own work, and the influence of the media and public debate. When analysing quantitative surveys in particular, it is not possible to be certain what respondents understand teamwork to mean, especially if the question does not offer a precise

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