Team Work and Motivation

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Teamwork and Motivation
Motivation is the internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in a person to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal (Business Dictionary, 2013). The main priority of an organization should be its people. They are the ones who help maintain the mission and the vision of the organization as well as keeping the business flowing. This paper will provide a design of an organization motivation plan, identify two methods that motivate employees and propose three ways to motivate the minimum wage worker. Additionally, this paper will analyze the relevance of the individual work and finally provide design a individual work to team chart.
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While it is difficult enough to motivate the experienced worker, many in management find themselves especially perplexed when it comes to encouraging production from minimum wage employees. Managers and supervisors expect and plan for high turn-over and tolerate whatever performance level they get, as long as the employee shows up for work and does not cause trouble. When employees dislike their jobs or are indifferent, the result can be poor customer service and low productivity (Train2GainUs, 2006).

As manager, minimum wage employees would be motivated by allowing them to participate in decision-making. The people who actually do the work are often the best qualified to judge how it should be done. They will provide good suggestions, and at the same time, feel a part of the business. Another way to motivate is through positive reinforcement. When managers want employees to perform in a certain way, communicating to them explicitly, specifically, politely and firmly what it is you want them to do. It sounds simple, but there are many managers who spend all of their time trying to manage people by telling them what not to do: “Don’t do that!”… “Stop doing this!”… “Don’t ever do that!” (Train2GainUs, 2006). Lastly, using participative leadership. Managers should be effective motivators that demonstrate how to complete a task. They must also be willing to “roll up their sleeves” and join in as part of a team effort.

Analyze the relevance of the
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