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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS OF: USING TEAMS to ACHIEVE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS CASE STUDY FOR HCA 6225-01 California State University East Bay – Hayward 02/21/13 1. One feature of the team in this case is frequent turnover among team members. How might turnover among team members affect team performance? What approaches can team leaders to take to minimize potential negative impacts of turnover and gain advantages, if any? Employee/team member turnover may be mostly a negative issue, yet it can become positive if only controlled by the organization correctly and appropriately. Turnover is often utilized as an indicator of the organization performance and it can easily be observed negatively towards the organization’s efficiency and…show more content…
So I suggest yes that they should be involve on the team improvement teams. Their Participation refers to active involvement on implementation. They can participate in oversight, governance, operations, opinion surveys, and complaints. Also according to Rodwin, the aims of early Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) parallel those of consumer/ patient movements. Managed care offers many benefits. It can increase access to primary and preventive care (with minimal or no out of pocket costs). It can also monitor and improve the practices of physicians and other health care providers and coordinate and rationalize the services of specialists. It can also control spending. Consumer involvement can put managers in touch with the experience and desires of customers. It can provide balance and perspective. Although they are being part of the team performance, their voice should be limited and watch over. Consumer voice, participation and representation programs, however, need to be viewed critically because they might demand too many services and can become divided and polarize issues, leading to increased conflict. So therefore, future challenge is to foster balanced, appropriate and effective use of consumer voice. 3. Even when team improvement efforts achieve change, the sustainability of change remains a pervasive challenge. In fact, sustainability of the teams may be problematic. What are the particular obstacles to sustaining the

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