Teams Are Essential To Success In Both Business And Many

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Teams are essential to success in both business and many varied aspects of our personal and professional life. Proper team development is critical to ensuring that high performance teams, and understanding the process surrounding team development is critical for managers and leaders. In this essay, I will discuss the team development process by examining the five stages of team development, and provide personal examples of each of the stages with advantages and disadvantages in my personal experiences in a team environment while serving as part of an organizational re-design team. Teams are defined as small groups of individuals with particular skills that work together to achieve identified goals (Schermerhorn & Bachrach, 2015).…show more content…
The team members asked to participate made logical sense as their divisions were critical to organizational change, and would be directly impacted by the team recommendation. In the same initial meeting, however, a disadvantage was individuals who were not critical to the project came to the meeting and attempted to join the team without invitation. This resulted in those individuals being thanked for their interest, but being told that their participation was not required or desired for the team. The catalyst for this action was the elimination of non-essential team members and the imminent distraction their interests would impose on the team. This action during the forming stage ensured that the team was built of the essential members necessary to participate on the team, while ensuring the team was structured to focus only on the directed goals and objectives of the team. As a leader, I would ensure that team member recruiting and sourcing is deliberate, and that team member guidance is specific on who is being sourced to join the team. The second stage of the team development process is the storming phase. During the storming phase, personal or organizational interests, agendas, and personalities are introduced into the team (Schermerhorn & Bachrach, 2015). During this phase, tension, hostility, anger, and infighting among the

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