Teams Are The Most Effective Way For Get The Job Done Essay

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Final Exam
Question 1: Donald Peterson, former CEO of Ford, said, “No matter what you are trying to do, teams are the most effective way to get the job done.” Do you agree? Why or why not? Elaborate! I both, agree and disagree. It is true that teams are the main cause of unity among coworkers. However, teams also cause conflict between employees as well. On the positive side, I agree because teams push individuals to be innovative and creative. Big projects can be divided up, in order for the group to cover more ground and save time. Duties can be separated evenly so team members can focus on the task at hand. On the other hand, I disagree because teams are not necessary for every job. For small projects, teams are a waste of manpower, money, and time. Not to mention, assignments will take longer to finish because all of the decisions have to go through the entire team before a game plan is in place. As previously mention, one of the main reasons for conflict is teammates that do not pull their own weight, these behaviors affected the performance of the group because someone have to take on more responsibilities to cover their coworker’s duties.
Question 3: What is employee empowerment? What do you see as the most important barriers to employee empowerment, and why? Employee empowerment is giving personnel authority, control to make the necessary decisions in order to complete a job on their own, without waiting for the management…
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