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Robert Lands 21630959-41274300 1 1018 Abercorn Place Sherwood, AR 72120 Labor Relations: HRM 250 The International Brotherhood of Teamsters The International Brotherhood of Teamsters with its 1.4 million members and almost 1,900 affiliates is one of the largest, strongest, most diverse and the best democratic labor unions in the world. There are numerous Teamsters local unions across North America with their members being the heart and soul of the union. For more than a hundred years, the Teamsters have been a public voice for the rights and aspirations of working men and women and a key player in securing them. Members meet at an international convention to elect officers, to evaluate the constitution, and to reinforce inter-union ties throughout the exchange of ideas. Elections of officers for international union office are usually held every five years. The five area…show more content…
Some locals represent the employees of a solitary company although others have members employed in several of the different Teamster occupations. There are great advantages for members of the Teamsters Unions. First of all, contrasting other labor unions, the Teamsters Union is structured to promote strong local unions, and sturdy local leaders. Also, while the locals negotiate the majority Teamsters contracts and offer most of the services to the members, they retain a vast majority of the union dues money. Additionally, locals preserve their own expert labor lawyers, certified public accountants, full-time business agents, organizers, and clerical staff. The members of every local elect their own officers, devise their own structure, and vote on their own bylaws, attuned with the International Constitution and
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