Teamwork And Collaboration : How It 's Integrated Into Education, Nursing Practice, And Attitude

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QSEN: Teamwork and Collaboration Teamwork is simply stated as less me and more we. With teamwork and collaboration, many wonderful things can be achieved especially in the healthcare profession. Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, surgeons, and O.R. nurses were interviewed regarding quality and importance of collaboration. Each profession rated 81-96% high for the importance of collaboration (Dellinger, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to discuss teamwork and collaboration and how it relates to knowledge, skills, and attitude. Also, how it’s integrated into education, nursing practice, and nursing research. Teamwork and Collaboration Definition Teamwork and Collaboration is a function effectively within nursing and…show more content…
According to QSEN (2014) analyzing differences in communication style preferences among patients and families, nurses and other members of the health team is important. Skills When nurses function as part of a unit, and when they act as part of a team, the job itself is easier and more efficient. (Ward, 2013). In order to be efficient, the health professional needs to incorporate skills into their daily job environment. Skills such as demonstrating commitment to team goals, following communication practices that minimize risks associated with handoffs among providers and across transitions in care, and act with integrity, consistency and respect for differing views. (QSEN, 2014). A nurse should initiate requests for help when appropriate to situation, initiate actions to resolve conflict, and communicate with team members. (QSEN, 2014). Attitude A bad attitude is like a flat tire! If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere. A professional’s attitude is important in any career but it is highly valued in the healthcare profession. A nurse for example, should be able to appreciate importance of intra- and inter-professional collaboration, contribute to resolution of conflict and disagreement, and respect the unique attributes that members bring to a team. (QSEN, 2014). Importance of integrating Teamwork and Collaboration Education Educating nurses and future nurses
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