Teamwork And Communication As A Nurse Leader

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Teamwork and Communication As a nurse leader, there are many ways to engage staff through various methods of leadership. Creating an environment that values teamwork and communication is a method that would bring about success on the unit through many ways. Teamwork builds trust, creates an environment where the employees are accountable, and sets a moto that everyone is in this together, and no one is left to fend for themselves. In order to have a successful team, there needs to be great communication. Communication skills will be an important asset for the team members to have because it will make the work day flow smoothly and will also keep everyone involved in a patient’s care up to date. Teamwork and communication are needed to provide a positive outcome for the patient; to teach nurses that they are not alone, and that help can be given if they communicate properly; and that patient care and safety is a clear representation of how well a team works and communicates with one another. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) provided an example of a situation where there was a lack of communication and a team of people who had not worked together before. The patient elected to have knee surgery and was given the wrong dose of medication because the surgery was rushed and they had new nurses in the operating room who were not familiar with orthopedics and their protocols (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2016c). With the lack of communication, the lack of
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