Teamwork And Fight For The Music Industry I Knew That It Was A Cutthroat Business

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Perseverance: 30 Seconds to Mars
When I first began working in the music industry I knew that it was a cutthroat business. From the growing competition all the way down to the tight deadlines, I knew that a career in this field would be something that everyone has to fight for. I always admired the people in the industry who fought for the rights of their creativity and stood up to the big name corporations that casted a shadow over this industry. One particular group of artists that I’ve admired for years now because of this is the band 30 Seconds to Mars. It was through 30 Seconds to Mars that I learned to always fight for my own creativity and fight for what I believe is truly right. After a successful worldwide tour that lasted nearly two years, the band had returned home to Los Angeles to work out a new contract with their label Virgin Records/EMI. However, when the band began to renegotiate new terms; the company hit 30 Seconds to Mars with a $30,000,000.00 lawsuit (Cubbins, 2012). According to Billboard reporter Ayala Ben-Yehuda (2008), the record company decided to sue the band for not delivering three of the five albums that were established under the band’s previous contract. Not only did the band face a huge lawsuit, but the company also cut off all their financial resources until the band gave in to their demands. Instead of giving up and taking the short end of the stick, 30 Seconds to Mars took it upon themselves to fund and build their own home studio for

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