Teamwork And The Workplace Increasing Job Satisfaction

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Teamwork is identified as one of the most important aspects in the workplace increasing job satisfaction (Korner, Wirtz, Bengel & Gortiz, 2015). Since the 1980’s the number of organizations following team based structure has increased significantly (Larson & Lafasto, 1989). At first, it was believed that teams with higher intelligence would perform greater than teams with lower intelligence (Belbin, 2012). However, successful teams need individuals to adhere to certain roles. Some individuals are better at certain roles than others; therefore assigning individuals to roles complementary to their skill level is key. In the United States, organizations focus largely on individual goals rather than team efforts. However, organizations more and more will require the collaboration of people to be successful (Larson &Lafasto)
Certain characteristics make a team successful which are a clear goal, a results driven structure, competent team members, unified commitment, a collaborative climate, standards of excellence, and external support and recognition (Larson & Lafasto, 1989). However, individuals who lack the ability to work together effectively cannot achieve the team goals (Larson & Lafasto, 1989). Though the potential to succeed as a team is present, the realization and understanding that the potential exists may be limited by some individuals. As motivation differs by individual, not everyone may contribute equally when working in a team. The purpose of this capstone is to…
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