Teamwork As A Core Component Of Teamwork

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Teamwork as stated in a study by Weiss and Hoegl (2015) is defined as a small amount of individuals, a group who partake in actions towards a goal shared by a common interest. After reflecting upon the past history of mankind’s roots, it seems teamwork has been practised to not only survive but thrive. The same study used to can be used to deduce fairly plausible conclusions of trends on the spread and adoption of the use of teamwork throughout the last century as derived from academic analysis. Teamwork was not always as encouraged or reinforced in society by the way of its prevalence in recent times. A core component of teamwork seems to have a link with innovation in regards to management where effective leadership may be a key factor to group success. Other links that could impact trends in regards to teamwork are major technological or cultural developments (Weiss & Hoegl, 2015). As a nursing student who has recently completed a group presentation, the next step is to undergo a reflection focussing on teamwork involved and within nursing in general. Thus providing the capacity to critically analyse the actions of the group and I that can be applied in future endeavours.Tuckerman’s model of group development (Bonebright, 2010), can be used to analysis how effective my group was functioning. The five stages can be outlined briefly as: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. Group development starts from individual introductions and possible constraints
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