Teamwork, Communication And Delegation In Nursing

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Teamwork, communication and delegation in nursing are variables that are dependent on one another for success. This post is the first in a series on nursing delegation in which we will discuss the team nursing model, the RN's role in delegation, and how effective communication fosters teamwork which leads to better outcomes for patients and employees. Detailed and timely communication among registered nurses (RNs) and other team members, leads to improved quality measures and outcomes. In fact, studies have shown that negative outcomes were often linked to communication errors. As such, safety, delegation, and quality of care are dependent on one another. In other words, effective teamwork among the nursing staff directly impacts overall employee satisfaction and staff morale which leads to positive patient outcomes. What is Team Nursing? A nursing…show more content…
A study from the Journal of Nursing Management entitled "Nursing Staff Teamwork and Job Satisfaction", cites the following implications of their study as applicable to nursing: "Results of this study point to the need to enhance nursing teamwork on patient care units. If nursing staff are not satisfied, like workers in general, they will be more likely to leave their position/occupation and/or to have a lower level of productivity. Moreover, increased teamwork would lead to safer and higher quality of care." What a significant impact! Increased job satisfaction among nurses would help improve the high turnover rates which are detrimental to productivity given the current nursing shortage. Furthermore, higher quality care leads to better patient outcomes which are more than ideal, but even mandatory under some of the new value-based payment programs, such as merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS). [Read also: Boost Positive Patient Interactions With Three Nursing
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