Teamwork Culture

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Every company has its own "personality" or culture. For an organization to be successful over the long term, its culture needs to be managed effectively. Management Systems ' culture management products or process are designed to help firms define our culture and understand how it affects behavior and organizational success. The process serves as input to the development of strategies for systematically managing culture as a competitive advantage.

Besides, I think a manager is directly responsible for an organization’s success or failure. And the quality of the organization is determined by the quality of its managers whose are held most accountable for an organization’s performance yet it is difficult to attribute good or poor
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We then prepare a report for the company that outlines is the elements of the firm 's current "real" culture; gaps (if any) between the current culture and the culture that management desires for the organization; the organizational systems, structures, and processes that are supporting the current culture and either reinforcing or obstructing the desired culture; recommendations designed to increase organizational effectiveness and improve management of the desired culture.
Finally step is Presentation and Discussion of Findings. We will be held a culture workshop or meeting. Our culture workshops are designed to assist participants in understanding what culture is; developing an understanding of our firm 's current culture; creating a statement of our firm 's desired culture (i.e., what the culture should be to support the achievement of our goals); beginning to develop action steps for managing our firm 's culture more effectively.
This type of workshop may be conducted on a stand-alone basis, or may be incorporated as part of the culture audit process or as a final step in the culture management process.
Finally, my recommendation is focus to build up a teamwork culture for our company as above steps. That not just be a teamwork between teammate by teammate, should be a teamwork between team by team as well.
Fostering teamwork is creating a work
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