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A variety of definitions can be found in literature on the subject of teams. Teamwork has been defined by Hageman, (1995) as a way to produce permanent and constant clarifications to the crisis, collectively with people who decide together in joint decision-making. People are motivated through innovative and participatory methods in teamwork. If team members cannot be motivated sufficiently in line with the targets of growth and development, the members of the team cannot exist in an efficient and productive working environment. One of the key motivational factors is a person's sense of belonging to a group and a goal.
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Another definition is that teamwork is a common vision, and the ability to work towards organizational goals. Team work is a set of information, features and flexible
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Hence, high performance teams are formed with a mission. In other words, teams with high performance level reveal why they exist as a team by establishing their own set of rules and norms over time. Teams with high performance positively affect efficiency as well as the motivation of its team members. Organizations are more efficient when employees have high organizational commitment. Probability of exhibiting negative behaviors such as absenteeism, dismissing, and work delay of employees with high commitment is less than employees with lower commitment. The employees, who adopt the organization's objectives and work collaboratively as expected of them, increase the competitiveness of the organization. Besides, employees with higher commitment express positive opinions to the environment.
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