Teamwork Is Not Completely Pleasant, And The Group Working

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1. Introduction Within contemporaneous companies and institutions, teamwork has been become increasing fundamental working among works, colleagues, partners and employees (West, 2012). As West said, teamwork should have very important spirit and skill in today’s society team collaboration. “All people are the same, people’s habits are so different” (Schneider, et al, 2014, 3). Specifically speaking, separates the whole work into pieces and gives each team worker individual works, after period time, different person has different process, however, put the same employees into a group, the result would totally diverse, people waste time on conflicting and persuading. During the first team work, the process of the work is not completely…show more content…
That is because in one group, team members have the individual personalities and different social experience, using this standard to the division of labour is advisable. The leader has working experience and can give more distinct views, and also learned more professional knowledge about our subject (IB), despite all this, we have more problems during the process. The mainly conflicts are cross culture (punctuality), information acquisition, and diverse opinions. 3. Conflict management “Conflict is part of the humanity makeup, and so deeply inserted in people’s basic nature that from early childhood out interactions with others are full of disagreements. There is no difference of life at work, and as people use nearly half our waking life at work, it is not surprising that conflict is an ever-present feature in all organizations” (Evans, 1995, 591). That tells us, conflict can not disappear in the normal life, but can be managed using properly ways. The leader play very important role in this part, a good leader can help the team successfully handle conflicts (Bradford and Cohen, 1998, 287-293). Many conflicts crop up in the daily life, which are among colleagues, different position, different department, the leader
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