Teamwork Myth

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We are introduced to the concept of teamwork from a very early age in our life and that continues throughout our adulthood. Schools encourage us to work in team projects, to play in team sports and our teachers instilled in us the importance of teamwork. Despite our familiarity to this term from very early age, some of us still prefer to work alone even as an adult and I always wonder why? I believe as we mature, we start to question many of the lessons we were taught as a child and we find them to be nothing but a myth. Our textbook describes at least six-myth involving teamwork and we will identify why it is a myth and the actual reality in teamwork.
Our textbook describes the following as myth regarding teamwork and there is some truth
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The six and last myth example is ‘senior managers encourage teamwork’. The reality is senior managers are more focused on controlling the team from going out of control than encouraging teamwork. Some senior managers do encourage teamwork but it’s not all of them and they are not the majority.
The myth that I focus more of my research is ‘conflict in teamwork is unhealthy’ because I personally experience it at the workplace and it very common myth that most people hear throughout their adulthood but I want to introduce a new perspective on this myth. Some people conclude that all conflicts are just bad and it must be avoided or at least managed (Brenner, pp1). The reality is when we single out the people that are assumed to be causing conflict and we call them bad apples, and then we will end up with people who never question or challenge the status quo. When people go back and forth exchanging ideas or some might call it arguing but they are digging more and more to the truth and that is what the workplace needs. Even identical twins have differences on how they approach situations. It’s actually very healthy to see conflicts in a group or team. Hackman states that, disagreements within team are actually good as long as its work related (Hackman, pg1).
Most people buy into this myth to avoid all conflict because they hear it everywhere and when something is repeated then people start to accept it as reality. As a result, it is challenging and
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