Teamwork Reflection

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For our teamwork presentation this week, diving into the concept of teamwork and how to build and collaborate as an efficient team, we found a different sense of unity and collaboration that we were unaware of before the preparation for our presentation. For our team’s main topics, we covered the differences between a team and a group, and the vague similarities between the two. From the textbook comparisons, we consider ourselves a team rather than a group of people because of our common goals before our presentation date. We were all working together to collaborate and got our ideas across to the class to present a topic that is both interesting and informative to our fellow classmates. A team is described as a group of people that all work towards a common goal and have objectives to work towards together, rather than individuals coming together to perform and complete their individual goals. The roles that the members of our team performed were a complete collaboration of ideas and thoughts. We spoke together and did not believe that there was any set person that performed more or less than others within the group. We each put our thoughts together and created a lesson plan for the class and broke into where we felt each of our strengths were for the lesson plan of our presentation. Jordan introduced the chapter and how it was relevant to the class, as well as concluded the presentation. Alexa brought her teaching skills to light by explaining the activity through our lesson plan and assigned groups to go to their allotted location around the room. Following that, Nhi, Meredith and Indrit provided examples of their knowledge for our fellow peers and giving them a better understanding of the curriculum in the textbook and how we chose to relate it to our activity in the classroom. All in all, we performed as a team and built our lesson plan based on our strengths and weaknesses as a collaborating machine in our communication class. The norms that were established even before our group began, was to ensure that we were all timely about communicating with one another and to make ourselves available to give us enough time to complete the presentation in a timely manner. Other norms include constantly being

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