Teamwork and Leadership in Remember the Titans

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MGMT-6000 Final Exam Question #1 The coaching staff at the newly racially integrated T.C. Williams high school was one that was assembled from different schools in segregated communities. Upon receiving their coaching positions, they did not yet have a unified culture of beliefs, assumptions, or feelings because they didn’t know each other and had not worked together. Coach Boone’s values were clear from the beginning; race was not to be considered. Those who work hard enough and do what is expected will play football. Those who do not, will sit on the bench. The same was expected from the coaching staff; if they did not want to be there, they were free to go. Coach Boone was fine finding another staff member who was willing…show more content…
This was apparent when, upon boarding the busses to training camp, he noticed that the players had segregated themselves between each bus. Coach Hines made them get off the bus and board the busses as offense and defense, racially integrated. His values, like Coach Boone’s, were consistent with respect, integrity, loyalty and teamwork for those with whom he worked as well as with the players whom he coached. As the movie progressed and Coach Boone’s vision came together, Coach Yoast slowly but surely began to show more support. Coach Boone’s consistent preaching, that he did not view the team as black and white players, but instead, simply as football players who must form cohesion and take actions not for self, but for team, eventually rubbed off on Coach Yoast. This is where the culture in the coaching staff began to form. Trust also began to build and the three coaches, now more cohesive themselves were able to accomplish much more in order to coach their players much more constructively. By the time the Titans had made it to the championship, all three coaches had put their differences aside, bought in to the vision and culture, and were able to coach their players to victory. Question #2 In order to properly understand the group functioning within the football team, we must first understand why these boys joined the organization in the first place. From the

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