Tear Down The Cages: Animal Rescue Corps

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My friends and I were walking down a dark alley we heard screaming, fighting, and a lot of movement. When we looked in the alley all we saw was... If you are aggressive to the pets they will be aggressive back and will be worse for you because they can bite,scratch, or even make you bleed. Animals should not be kept in cages. When animals or pets are stuck in cages they don’t have fun in their life they don’t play, run and not even do anything in a little box. The only thing they can do with a little box is eat and drink water or milk. Imagine you were that animal kept away from your natural home used for money.
Sure through the centuries humans have used cages to take non-human animals out of their natural habitats in addition confine them for enjoyment for financial gain. Zoos, circuses, aquarium, the exotic bird trade, for farms, and most of the other exploitative industries ARC fights against. Where I found this Evidence is on this website called “Tear Down The Cages|Animal Rescue Corps”. The man that made this blog talks about how he

Blata 2 lead the rescue of tens of
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That we should tell everyone don’t keep them in cages. That people need to notice what dangerous people are doing to the world to innocent animals around the globe. How would you feel if people treated your the way that your don’t like but,your can’t do nothing about it. Animals need time of thereon. If they can’t run around and have the fun they want. The probably is that they are scared of them because they don’t get treated the right way. Most animals are in cages because they are going to be sold and eaten or because they weren’t behaving. Some of them are treated bad because they are not good then they are supposed to. That it very cruel for an animal to just sit in a cage and do nothing all day it is not good for their health. A long time of age animals were free and very harmless now they are in cages where they can have
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